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Hey, I am

Kerstin Wiedé

Porjträt Kerstin Wiedé

About me

I am a freelance writer, producer and editor.

I have been writing and editing movies, feature films, tv series and audio plays for about ten years. 

My preferred genres are dramas based on true events, historical events, crime/thrillers and lovestorys.

I am currently co-writing a spin-off of an already successful romance series under a pseudonym.

I'm full of curiosity, full of ideas, thirsty for knowledge, highly creative, and I love to cross-ponder and fable. 

Telling character-driven stories is my life.

„In You must burn,

what you want to inflame in others”


Professional Experience


Skript Writer

Editor / In-house


Since 2010

1994 - 2009

1988 - 1993


15 years SAT.1 Berlin

TV Scripts / Movies

Audio Plays


Responsible for more than 100
Feature Films and TV Series

2 Nominations

German Television Award

Budget Responsibility

Approx. 25 Mio. € per year

Film Financial



Funding /Subsidy Advice

FilmFinancial Management

„By changing the position

you gain a lot of perspective”



Since 2010


Recent Projects on spec

Princess incognito

Romantic Comedy for Sat.1

City Whispers

Romantic Comedy for Sat.1

Amazing Rita

Romantic Comedy, Sat.1, not yet released

Mommy’s Boy

Romantic Comedy, on spec

The Angstmann

Audio Play Adaptation for Audible

Among Sharks

Audio Play Adaptation for Audible

Movies on spec

Popup Samia

Audio Play

Der Angstmann Hörspiel von Frank Goldammer Engel an Seilen in Trümmern
Unter Haien Hörspiel von Nele Neuhaus und Kerstin Wiedé
Unter Haien Teil 2 Hörspiel von Nele Neuhaus und Kerstin Wiedé


My Video

Contact to

Kerstin Wiedé

                10435 Berlin

Mobil      +49 176 82130988 

E-Mail     kerstinwiedé